The author appears to be deleting comments that refute his thesis. The fact is that Script is not Turing complete, nor is Bitcoin itself. The "peer reviewed" articles are plagiarized garbage.

In a recent essay, Unbounded Capital tried to make the case that Craig Wright is Satoshi. Let’s tackle their claims one by one and see how rigorous they are.

Claim 1: Wright has the qualifications to be Satoshi

Craig has an impressive track record as both an academic and as an industry leader in computer security.

Let’s go over Wright’s background. It is undeniable that Wright holds a number of degrees and certifications, as well as having worked as an unpaid lecturer at Charles Sturt University. However, his background and education are in Information Technology, not Computer Science. One of the only things we know for certain about Bitcoin’s…

Craig Wright has a long history of plagiarism. Here is just a sampling: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh.

I want to focus on one of the newer instances of plagiarism first brought to light earlier this month by Zectro. This particular instance is more remarkable because Wright just presented this paper at a conference, and it’s been published by Springer. Although both the conference organizers and publisher had been notified weeks ago, neither has acted yet. At the end of the article, I will provide some contact information for anyone who would like to hold them accountable.


Here are 3 reasons why.

Craig Wright’s story involves a Trust document between himself and David Kleiman created in June, 2011. This Trust was supposedly superseded by more formal Trusts, but this article will only focus on this first Trust document. This original Tulip Trust has recently been defended by Eli Afram as not sufficiently proven to be a fake. I will show that it is undeniably a fake, and Afram is either complicit in the lie or just a willing pawn.

The original documents are available at this link. The file called “requested_attached..rar” contains the same .msg file submitted

Sam Williams

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